JobShadow Reflection

I learned a lot of things from my job shadow experience but the one thing that stuck with me was how much work and effort has to be put into it. Most people think that anyone can be a part of cosmetology, but on April 2nd I learned what cosmetology is all about and it is definitely something that takes time, patience and practice as well. I learned the good and the bad about this job and even though I love to work with people I know for a fact that it will be a challenge trying to satisfy my clients. Even though I had a great experience during my job shadow I have plans on working in the medical field and I hope to be a part of it either working with kids or as a psychiatrist. To get to this position I will have to put school as my main priority and make sure It’s my main goal. I believe I did good because I explained every part of my experience in detail and I made eye contact throughout the whole presentation. I’m proud of what I was able to show the class and what I had to teach them. I should’ve turned in the right presentation to earn a better grade. For my next presentation I will make sure I have my powerpoint saved in different files and I will have it done on time. I wish that I would have talked more about what I want as my actual career. If I could present my presentation again I wouldn’t be as nervous as the first time. The easiest part of the presentation was making it to the right time. The hardest part of the presentation was remembering what I had to say. This was a good experience for me and it helped me alot.



I use to play a lot of games back then, now I find myself running out of time for other things that I have to get done. The games I use to play mostly include family and friends. We would often get together and collect snacks to eat while we played. My favorite one was UNO. I enjoyed this game because it was exciting to try to get one card and shouting UNO before anyone else takes it away. I also liked it because it was easy and the little ones in our family were able to play it as well. It was our way to keep them entertained and out of trouble for a little while. Now I mostly play games on my phone than any other kind. I enjoy playing soccer stars, flappy bird, trivia crack, and crossy road. The one I have played the most since I downloaded these games has been soccer stars. I like this game because I like the sport in general and getting a chance to challenge others who like it as well is entertaining. You could also play on your own if one of your friends can’t play or you could even play online.


EduBlog Commenting Tips

There are many ways in which you can make a comment be appropiate, useful and kind. Here are some steps to what I think is the best way.

Step 1: If you are replying to a comment make sure you start with thanking them for reading your post and commenting. If you are commenting on someone else’s mention who you are and start off saying whether you like the post or not.

step 2: Explain more in detail why you like it or why you don’t.

step 3: If you disagree, Try to understand their side and let them know that you acknowledge what they are saying, but you still don’t agree in a kind way.

step 4: Give feed back as to how they can improve.

step 5: End it talking about something that you liked about their post or something that caught your attention.

Advice For High School Students

High school can be the best 4 four years of a person’s life or the worse depending on what you chose to do and how you chose to spend them. The best part of high sch0ol is that it opens up so many opportunities and prepares you for possible events upcoming in your life. The key to enjoying High School is getting involved in clubs, sports and after school activities that will allow you to express yourself. Having good grades in school will have to become your number one priority. That will be achieved by staying focused in class, by not procastinating on assignments and by turning in things on time.


First impressions are not always accurate for many reasons. I don’t think people should judge or take a first impression as a way to determine how a person really is. For example in the story Maleficent, she was seen as a bad person from the audience because of her looks, but in the end most people understood her and in an emoitonal way were able to relate to her. They came to realize that she wasn’t such a bad person after all. In some situations people might judge someone as a good person, but they turn out to be bad. It can work both ways, but they both come to the same conclusion that first impressions are not accurate most of the time. I feel that giving someone a chance to talk to you and really get to know them regardless of what you rfirsr impression of them was, is always the best thing to do.

Black History Month

Rhiana is a singer, a fashion designer and an actress. Shes become one of the best selling artists world-wide. Rhiana has been part of many inspiring movies in which they show people to be better. Many people look up to her not only for her beauty but for her accomplishments. I picked Rhianna because she has used her fame for good and to inspire others. All the negativity that there is in this world and that specially sorrounds her more because of her fame, but she still doesnt give up on being a good person and continues to be successful.

Valentine’s Day

I like this video because it shows how serious and important Valentine’s day is for some people. Like in this video he came from Afghanistan just to his girlfriend, for someone to take their time and go through all that struggle they must really love that person. Most people believe that Valentine’s day doesn’t mean anything but I believe that it is an important day to encourage people to tell or show someone how much they mean to them if they are too shy to say it on a regular day.  Valentine’s day can change someone in a positive way and make them happy.

Should standardized testing be outlawed and switched to a different form of evaluation?

In recent discussions of standardized testing, a controversial issue has been whether it measures knowledge accurately or it’s just a waste of money. On the one hand, some argue that standardized testing accurately evaluates teachers as well as students. From this perspective, it is said that a teacher’s performance in the class is reflected on the student’s scores. On the other hand, however other argue that standardized testing isn’t accurate enough and it isn’t fair for teachers. In the words of one of this views main supporters, “The obsession with standardized tests is driving teachers fearful that their jobs will be at stake if student’s tests scores don’t rise” (Strauss 1). According to this view, It proves that not only is it affecting students, but teachers as well. In sum, then, the issue is whether standardized tests are effective or if they should be banned. My own view is that standardized tests should not be used to measure a student’s knowledge. Though I concede that they can measure a teacher’s performance in the classroom, I still maintain that it isn’t fair for these teachers to have to put their job at risk for their student’s decisions. For example, when a student doesn’t care he/she won’t do as good in the test. Although some might object that it is improving teacher’s quality, I reply that the test should be to benefit the student more than the teacher. The issue is important because many students have dropped or stress too much over passing just that one test. They have also lost certain opportunities for the colleges that they desire to attend.

Do you agree that these exams should be banned ?

How do you think its affecting students and teachers ?